Order For a quotation please contact us by e-mail info@tatragrate.com or call your manager. The manager will select the best product according to the requirements of application. Delivery Times Delivery time depends on the quantity of production lines available at the moment. The plant produces from 40 to 120 sq.m. per day, depending on the product dimensions. To reduce delivery time, we recommend to order a standard color products and full-size panel without cutting. Shipping Cost TATRAGRATE GRP Gratings, GRP Plates, GRP stairtreads, and other products are shipped both by container, groupage or common carrier and dedicated truck. By default, all our prices FCA /EXW Hanusovce nad Toplou but we can arrange transport at the request of the customer.
49°01'50.6"N 21°31'24.1"E (49.030719, 21.523359)

products & services
Concave GRP Gratings
Gritted Open Mesh Gratings
Conductive Open Mesh Gratings
Covered gratings with gritted top
GRP Stairtreads
Anti-Slip Floor Plates
Mounting Clips for GRP Gratings
Mounting Clips for Stairtreads
Clips for Covered Gratings
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Oil&Gas Offshore, Shipbuilding
Electricity & Power Regeneration
Chemical Processing
Galvanising & Plating
Food & Beverage
Fountains & Aquaparks
For Home and Garden
Standard Cutting
Closed Edges Cutting
Extra color
Blocking Molds
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Our company produce GRP Gratings, Stairtreads, Plates and other composite products since 2010. Production site situated in small city in Slovakia, Hanusovce nad Toplou.

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