GRP Gratings panels can be produced in standard panel sizes or mold can be blocked along the length direction and width direction.

What does blocking costs mean?

GRP gratings are produced on the mould form with standard dimension - standard panel size. We can produce gratings on the blocked mould form to minimalize waist. As example we can block our 1220x3660x38 (mesh 38x38) mould for length 3000mm to receive 1220x3000x38 or we can block our 4038x1000x30mm (mesh 19x19) mould for length 3000mm to receive 1000x3000x30.

This option is beneficial only if Extra Cost for Blocking is less than Extra Cost for Standard cutting.

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Our company produce GRP Gratings, Stairtreads, Plates and other composite products since 2010. Production site situated in small city in Slovakia, Hanusovce nad Toplou.

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