The Anti-Slip Floor Plates can be easily fitted over any solid surface: existing concrete, steel or timber structures, and further provides a safe and durable alternative to steel and plastic anti-slip products.
GRP Plates are produced in special molds with flat surface. The plates consists of three main components: Resin Mix, Fiberglass fabric, Pigments (mixing of pigment and resin).
✔ Corrosion and Chemical Resistant
TATRAGRATE is particularly designed to provide safe, long- lasting, economical and worry- free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosives attack metal, wood and similar materials.

✔ Fire resistance
SLAVIA GRATINGS TATRAGRATE has been tested in accordance with EN 13501-1 + A1:2009. Test reports are available on request. Special fire retardant requirements can be met with extra additives.

✔ Impact resistance
The impact resistance of SLAVIA GRATINGS TATRAGRATE FRP allows repeated deflection without permanent deformation. A certain amount of deflection can occur with loading. Unlike metal grating fibreglass has a good memory, so once the object is removed the Fibreglass Grating will fully recover to it's original position.

✔ Life Span
More than 30-40 years of useful life is guaranteed for SLAVIA GRATINGS TATRAGRATE

✔ Cost effectivenes
Initial purchase cost of FRP Grating compares favourably with steel grating but the real saving is made on the superiour life expectancy and zero maintenance costs. Also installation costs are usually less than that of steel grating.

► Water and Waste Water Treatment
► Oil&Gas Offshore, Shipbuilding
► Manufacturing
► Electricity & Power Regeneration
► Chemical Processing
► Galvanising & Plating
► Railway
► Food & Beverage
► Fountains & Aquaparks
► For Home and Garden
► Walkways & Floors
► Access Covers & Manhole Covers
► Walls & Doors & Fences
► Stairs
► Balcony
► Parking & Garages

Specification Standard Series There are several types of resin mixes with Orthophthalic Poliester Resin, Isophthalic Poliester Resin, Vinyl ester resin.
Series Resin Type Fire resistance Description Color
ECONOM NON FIRE Orthophthalic Resin + For use in water/ wastewater or air-ageing applications, light industrial application and in the wave zone areas of offshore platforms where the environment is moderate. It still offers superior performance to traditional flooring products such as steel, aluminum and wood and is the most economical resin available.
Operating temperature: -60 °C/+110°C for inside and outside applications (Ultra violet resistant).
We recommend to use ECONOM NON FIRE products in corrosion medium, when fire resistance required and low price needed.
RAL 7040
ISO NON FIRE Isophthalic Polyester resin + Isophthalic Polyester resin with a non-flammable component, for applications in a hostile environment. Industrial grade corrosion resistance and fire retardant. For use in the environments of middle concentration inorganic acid, inorganic alkali, etc.
Operating temperature: -60 °C/+110°C for inside and outside applications (Ultra violet resistant).
RAL 7040
VINYL NON FIRE Vinyl Ester Resin + Vinyl Ester resin with a non-flammable component for application in a hostile environment. Superior corrosion resistance and fire retardant. Environments with serious corrosion issues.
Operating temperature: -60 °C/+110°C for inside and outside applications (Ultra violet resistant).
RAL 7040
Dimensions h: Height, mm
W x L: Panel Size, mm

Max Height: 10mm
Max Panel Size: 3900 x 1500 mm
Color High quality pigment is a part of the Resin Mix. We use only pigments which have best value of light fastness and weatherproofness.
Standardly mixes all have default color RAL 7040. But it is possible to produce products with any color according RAL palette.
You can choose also your corporate color. Product will not fade, not require painting, have great visual effect and improve working efficiency.

COLORS without extra cost:

EXTRA COLORS with extra cost:

Performance term of special order is up to one month. Detailed info on request.

Mounting Accessories For mounting Clips for Covered Top Gratings can be used. Clips for Covered Gratings Clips for Covered Gratings are made from Galvanised Steel, A2 stainless steel (1.4301, AISI 304) and the corrosion resistant grade A4 stainless steel (1.4401, AISI 316)
Clips type B1 are sophisticated and used without drilling support of the gratings.

The installation of clip W is easy, but the supporting beam has to be drilled W-clips are specially designed to mount covered gratings. The covered plates of the gratings and the supporting beams have to be drilled.
In case when grating is supported at two sides (walkways) use type "F" clips to prevent excessive movement of the panels relative to each other. F clips are designed to connect divided unsupported gratings to each other to prevent excessive deflection. We highly recommended to connect gratings by clips all around the gratings with 4 clips per one square meter in generally. We recommend supports at the edge of all panels. Gratings are elastics and after fixing they will be straight

General Products & Services Brochure
General Products & Services Brochure

Chemical Resistance Table
Chemical Resistance table helps to make correct choice of Series

Closed Mesh Table for GRP Gratings

Handling Manual for GRP Gratings
Handling Manual for GRP Gratings

Color table

Standard Panel Sizes, Mesh structures, Weight, Tolerances

Panel Size for Open Mesh Gratings
Panel Size for Open Mesh Gratings

Full specification of Gratings, Stairtreads, Plates, Clips

ISO 9001:2008
Operating Quality management system in the extent of production and sale of glass reinforced plastic gratings GRP

ISO 14001:2004
Environmental Management System

BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Occupation Health and Safety Management

Slip resistance tests of floorings
Slip resistance tests of floorings: open mesh gratings with gritted surface and with concave surface, gratings with covered gritted top are available on request

Bfl-s1 Reaction to fire classification
Bfl-s1 acc. to EN 13501-1+A1:2010, cl.12 for ISO NON FIRE GRP Grating

GTC shall constitute an integral part of the company invoices. Once the client confirms the order and then takes delivery of the goods or service he/she willingly accepts the GTC SLAVIA GRATINGS.

Loading/ Unloading Data
Specific guidelines for the customer / supplier. Navigation instruction. LOADING / UNLOADING ADDRESS, LOADING Hours with Customs Clearance or without, Unloading Hours.

Order and Delivery Order For a quotation please contact us by e-mail or call your manager. The manager will select the best product according to the requirements of application. Delivery Times Delivery time depends on the quantity of production lines available at the moment. The plant produces from 40 to 120 sq.m. per day, depending on the product dimensions. To reduce delivery time, we recommend to order a standard color products and full-size panel without cutting. Shipping Cost TATRAGRATE GRP Gratings, GRP Plates, GRP stairtreads, and other products are shipped both by container, groupage or common carrier and dedicated truck. By default, all our prices FCA /EXW Hanusovce nad Toplou but we can arrange transport at the request of the customer.
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Our company produce GRP Gratings, Stairtreads, Plates and other composite products since 2010. Production site situated in small city in Slovakia, Hanusovce nad Toplou.

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