Mounting Clips for GRP Gratings are made from Galvanised Steel, A2 stainless steel (1.4301, AISI 304) and the corrosion resistant grade A4 stainless steel (1.4401, AISI 316)

B/B1/B2 Clips type B,B1,B2 are sophisticated and used without drilling support of the gratings. For B clip the cross bar in Micromesh gratings have to be cut out for the recessed plate designed for mesh 38x38mm.
Bottom part of clips B you can put down through the hole 38x38mm and assembly can be from top only.
M/S/W The installation of clip M, S and W is easy, but the supporting beam has to be drilled. M saddle we recommend replaced by recessed plate from clip S for the micromesh gratings and another gratings too. Recessed plate better stick than M clip and in case big warping M saddle can damage edges around clips. We can to say that recessed plate is more friendly to the grating like M saddle.
W-clips are specially designed to mount covered gratings. The covered plates of the gratings and the supporting beams have to be drilled. W clips are suitable for Micromesh gratings and for the every type surfaces too.
F/F1/F2 In case when grating is supported at two sides (walkways) use type "F" clips to prevent excessive movement of the panels relative to each other. F clips are designed to connect divided unsupported gratings to each other to prevent excessive deflection.

Take care "open" forded gratings always meet closed mesh gratings when used.
Gratings must be fixed by clips to the surface always. We highly recommended to connect gratings by clips all around the gratings with 4 clips per one square meter in generally. We recommend supports at the edge of all panels. Gratings are elastics and after fixing they will be straight

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Our company produce GRP Gratings, Stairtreads, Plates and other composite products since 2010. Production site situated in small city in Slovakia, Hanusovce nad Toplou.

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